OurFamilyChef Story

I remember growing up and knowing that our family would be sitting down together and eating dinner. My mom was not even close to a chef and my dad, the cook of the family, was usually at work until dinnertime. There was always somehow, some way, that dinner would be served and our family of 8 would sit down and talk about the day and enjoy (or force down) the food that was on the table.

Fast forward to the present. I can probably count on my hand how many times my family has sat down to eat dinner together, at home. The thought of family dinner together is brought up frequently, but there is always a list of excuses as to why it never happens: too busy, too tired, nothing to eat in the house, I am not a good cook, we have kids’ games to go to, there isn’t enough time. The list goes on and on as to why families can’t eat dinner together.

Cooking is my escape, my place to experiment, and a place I know I will put smiles on the people I feed. I struggle in finding time when I get home to cook and enjoy a home cooked meal with my family. My wife always struggles in trying to think of something to cook, how to make it, and gets frustrated when it doesn’t come out the way she thought. This is how OurFamilyChef began.

I started creating meals that were measured out and step by step recipes that made it easy for her to make the meal and have it ready by the time I got home. The morning after she cooked her first meal, received a text message asking me when she should start cooking so it will be ready when I got home. How great it was that we could sit and have dinner as a family! She quickly gained confidence in what she was doing in the kitchen and was proud every time that meal was served. She still talks about how great it is to make each meal. Family time is now at the dinner table, even if it is in between running kids to sporting events.

Now it is your turn to see what your family chef can do in the kitchen. I will provide you with your free first meal for two so you can try out how this works and see how your family time will be improved over a high quality meal that has been cooked in your kitchen. I look forward to providing not only great meals, but extra family time for your family to spend together!