Where does Our Family Chef deliver?
        OFC delivers all of Utah County and the southern part of Salt Lake County.

How long is my commitment?
        You can decide on a weekly basis if you want our service.

What if I am going out of town?
        If you are going out of town for part of the week but still want meals while you are in town, we will
        make arrangements for that. Just email us at info@ourfamilychef.com and we can work it out!

How do I know what meals I will be getting for that week?
        Sign up for our newsletter! Every Saturday we will be sending out a newsletter with the upcoming
        weeks meals! Then you will know what to plan for that week!

Can I sign up for less than 3 meals a week?
        Yes! If you would like to sign up for only one or two meals a week, we will work with you! Just email
        us at info@ourfamilychef.com and we will arrange whatever you would like.

Can I get a gluten free meal?
        Yes! If you need a gluten free meal, we do have those dinner options! Just email us at
        info@ourfamilychef.com and we will make note of it.

How do I get my free meal for being referred or for referring a friend?
        Email us at info@ourfamilychef.com and tell us who referred you. You and the person who referred
        you will both get a credit for the second week you sign up for our service. 

Do you cater?
        Yes we do! Email us at info@ourfamilychef.com and let us give you a quote!